Current Winner School District 52-9 Job Openings

Certified openings:
Teaching Positions:

9-12 English Teacher - 2 positions
9-12 Math Teacher 
6th Grade Math/Language Arts Teacher
K-12 Special Education Teacher
Middle School Science Teacher

Certified Position Applications: 
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Non-Certified openings:
Para-professional Positions:

2 Elementary Special Education Paraprofessionals

Evening Elementary Custodian
   Up to 40 hours per week, depending of length of school week
   Flexible hours - starting anytime after 3:30pm and completed by 7:00am the following day
   You pick the time you want to come in to clean
   Must be completed prior to the time school starts in the morning.  (4 hours)
   $13.00 per hour

Oral Interp

Non-Certified Position Applications:   
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Please send your Resume, Cover Letter, and Credentials to the following address:
Winner School District 59-2
Attn: Keven Morehart
431 West 7th Street
Winner, SD 57580 
Phone:  (605)842-8101

Winner School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer